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OlderNewerDec 9, 2005

A Wierd IE Bug

The XML page cannot be displayed
Cannot view XML input using style sheet. Please correct the error and then click the Refresh button, or try again later.
Access is denied. Error processing resource '(source URL)'

This error is displayed in IE 6 when a source URL is redirected to a destination URL which is an XML file with an XSL stylesheet. The actual scenario is an RSS/Atom feed being redirected to a republished feed with a pretty stylesheet. It works fine in every other browser tested. Hitting refresh after the error comes up renders the page correctly.

Interestingly the security setting in IE Access data sources across domains effects this issue. When setting this to prompt, IE will display the page correctly after prompting. The really wierd thing is that it is not consistent. Sometimes the redirect happens and the destination page is rendered. When the error is displayed, view source shows a portion of the destination XML file that is randomly chopped off.

What we think is happening is that IE sees the XML/XSL as a data source. It starts pulling down the destination XML, then goes to grab the XSL. It thinks it's still at the source URL so the XSL is "across domains" and it dies with a chunk of the XML file.

I've tried both relative and absolute URL's with no luck. Removing the XSL makes the problem go away, and going to the destination URL directly also works fine. I can't come up with any way around this.
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